i think im gay :S , but i hate guys, and like girls , very confused :|

gonna cycle round england , only the north but still , does anyone know of any gigs or whatever going on around the north ?  would be a great help 


Telling short films through gifs: THE MAKER

In this short film an odd creature awakens to find time ticking away. He opens up a book and starts making another creature similar to him. You might think he’s making a lover for himself, but in the end he hands his creation the same book and is wisped away, forever gone. 

His new creation now has to make a creation of her own. 

I like this short film because it represents life. You know that old “we’re going to die anyway so what’s the point”. The point is even though we don’t live on, our ideas, our creations, and our views do. They will be passed on and molded for generations to come with each one getting more beautiful as time moves on. 

And that makes it worthwhile. 


i love this short , its amazing 

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anyone in manchester thursday to saturday fancy meeting up for a drink ? wouldnt mind making some new freinds ? 

The worst part about anything that’s self destructive is that it’s so intimate. You become so close with your addictions and illnesses that leaving them behind is like killing the part of yourself that taught you how to survive.

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Hmm. A very good point that I’ve never considered.

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Days n' Daze - Little Blue Pills

Anonymous Are you from the manchester area i could swear i've seen you at a show or two?

no im from liverpool but i do cycle up there for gigs and what not :)

Anonymous That sounds really cool actually, need a job but I'm so reluctant to do anything "normal" >:(

i would let you know when the next one is but i dont know who you are so when i know i wont be able to let you know haha , and yeah everything normal is boring as fuck 

never seen anything relate to my life at this point this much haha 

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Anonymous I don't really chill in town anymore tbh but I'm gonna start going to more jungle/dnb events hopefully

oh cool,i know quite a few in town, have you ever heard of punks inna jungle ? its dnb and jungle upstairs and loads a bands downstairs

Anonymous I have no idea who ruby is but nuhh it's not her anyway:)

well then who are you haha ? XD :)

blurppp, conversation anyone ? 

Anonymous Gahh you're such a cutie pie!

haha :) is this ruby ? 

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