Anonymous I have no idea who ruby is but nuhh it's not her anyway:)

well then who are you haha ? XD :)

blurppp, conversation anyone ? 

Anonymous Gahh you're such a cutie pie!

haha :) is this ruby ? 


Anonymous i'm always there too because the wirral sucks butts!

yeah it proper sucks butts haha, where about do you chill in town

Anonymous yeah but i'm moving to liverpool next year hopefully

oh cool :) i live in the wirral sort of , haha i spend alot of my time in liverpool, but im moving out soon with some mates to liverpool

Anonymous I'm from over the water :)

oh the wirral ? 

Anonymous Ruby

:)  hey ruby . where are you from ? 

Anonymous we don't know each other but i wish we did >.<

whas your name ? :)

Anonymous because you're so damn cute

haha :) are you some one i know ? 

Anonymous I would date you so hard

^-^ , why ?

Anonymous do you have instagram? 😘

no sorry, im not that upto date with technology, i dont even have a computer anymore haha , i do have snake on my phone though :)

Anonymous What is your story?

well what do you want to know haha :)

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