Anonymous you're gorgeous 😘

Thank you *^_^*

sorry about this rant i dont hate people i promisehaha

sorry if i offend anyone people need to stop asking me “how do you get you pants so crusty ” you don’t make them crusty you don’t make yourself crusty,rub poo into your pants :D be gross be disgusting wear the same pair of pants for 3 years because their the only pair you’ve got even though their obviously falling apart ,why try ? why try to make them look more crusty ? who cares if they  look good or crusty , go hop a train or  live in a squat or on the street or even better in the forest , you don’t need to impress anyone ,not even yourself, be free be happy


this is the last one of the cat , i promise :)

shes so cute ^-^

loki fell asleep on my lap the other day :)

tank-grrl Pictures of you on my dash and I'm like aw he's cute then realised it was you ya stink

haha :) , hey ive been washing a little bit more than usual haha

Anonymous Think I have a crush on you :(

I think I have one on you too :)

talk to me more haha ^-^

my art in the background is my fav bit of these pics , i love winston and loki :) my bestfriend aymis cats

Anonymous I think you should post a selfie XD

okay :)

cut my hair again

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